Jen Schultes' Papier-Mache Birds & Art Bowls of Junk Mail & Old Newspaper

 - Jan 24, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: flickr & art.ting-ting
Texas-born Jen Schultes works as a graphic designer and visual artist. Her bird sculptures are made from recycled paper and found objects. Repurposing old newspapers helps her find the interconnected nature of all things.

Schultes started making papier-mache art bowls as a way to explore functional forms. She uses pulped junk mail, egg cartons, fruit dividers and bits of old paintings and color newspaper images. Watercolor gives the bowls a final, personal touch.

Implications - Buyers are becoming increasingly more interested in products and companies that incorporate reusable materials into the manufacturing of goods. The appeal of handmade products that reflect environmentally responsible ideals continues to grow. Businesses can profit from this shift in the market by implementing recycled materials into the development of their products, as it is cost efficient for both the producer and consumer.