- May 19, 2015
The next moment you go to check the time, turn to one of these creative wall clock designs rather than the latest smartwatch device. These artistic timekeepers make the perfect home décor, with their innovative designs and crafty features.

While many consumers favor digital innovations over timeless pieces, wall clocks remain a classic home accessory. For streamlined homes, there are a number of minimalist wall clocks with beautifully designed faces, including tanned leather and simple grid patterns. If minimalism is not the direction you want to go, there are earth-inspired coniferous clocks crafted from Japanese cedar and tight-knit leaves. There are even clocks made from recycled bike wheels for the ultimate cycling enthusiast.

Regardless of your taste, theses artistic wall clock designs feature endless inspiration for updating any home.

From Serene Honeycomb Timepieces to Abstract Analog Chronometers: