This Clock is Inspired by the Japanese 'Sugidama' Leaf Ornament

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: & designboom
The Coniferous Clock is an ingenious design project, conceived and put together by the Bril Design Collective, that is inspired by the Japanese sugidama or 'cedar ball'. The sugidama is an ornament that consists of a collection of tightly-knit leaves compressed and trimmed into a perfect sphere.

The ornament harks back to a time when sake brewers would hang up fresh branches right after they pressed the wine from their new rice harvest; customers would know the beverage was ready to consume once the sugidama turned completely brown.

The Coniferous Clock has a circular frame and a swing beam crafted out of Japanese cedar. Much like actual sugidamas, the color of the clock's surface gradually turns from green to brown over the course of a year.

Photo Credits: designboom,