The ChronoDisc Clock Tells Time in an Unconventional Manner

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: techmash & kickstarter
The ChronoDisc Clock is a chronometer with both style and substance.

It often feels like life goes one of two ways: either you're in a desperate race against the clock (trying to get to work on time), or you're willing its hands to move faster (wanting to get happy hour started). Though staring at the clock has proved to be ineffective at speeding up time, it's a hard habit to break. Thankfully, the ChronoDisc is easy on the eyes, so you wont strain too hard.

The clock appears to magically float in front of a stationary disc, which is equipped with pointers to tell time. The pointers eliminate the need for the clock to have hands, leaving the center completely open. The clock is arranged to appeal to your instinctive senses, meaning there is no learning curve. The shorter, wider point signals the hour of the day, while the longer, thinner pointer alerts you to the minute of the hour.