From Sultry Sailor Spreads to Bad Coptography

 - Oct 11, 2010   Updated: Aug 2 2011
For decades, Vogue had been the catalyst for all things fashion locally and internationally; therefore, these featured Vogue Paris editorials are an homage to the fabulous life of Vogue and Parisian couture.

From sizzling office romance photography to avant-garde masquerade shoots, Vogue Paris is the be-all and end-all of many fashionable institutes. The collected Vogue Paris editorials inspire, influence and push the envelope in all things fashion, one city at a time.

Implications - This unmatched influence is attributable to years of boundary pushing editorials, fashions and photography concepts that are innovative, fresh and on the cutting edge. The words Vogue and Paris side by side are powerful forces to be reckoned within the fashion world, and the so long as the magazine continues to push the envelope as it has in the past, this international publication will remain the reigning queen of the fashion world.