- Jul 20, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
This cluster of outrageous designs by Vivienne Westwood is a mere peek inside the mind of one of fashion's biggest risk takers and wildest personalities.

The trends featured here showcase her innovative runway shows, her work with Pamela Anderson and even her recent collaboration with Lee Jeans. Enjoy these wild Vivienne Westwood fashion innovations and prepare to be blown away.

Implications - Though anyone with a sewing machine and an eye for fashion can become a designer, many of the fashion industry's young talents are aiming more for haute couture icon than designer/seamstress. Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld and Betsey Johnson are prime examples of designers-turned-icons, proving that fashion is not just an industry, it's a lifestyle.

From Dressed-Down Princess Fashion to Flame-Tastic Manes: