- Dec 18, 2012
The Japanese brand, known for its cost-effective and staple items, have been able to successfully duplicate its appeal in its Uniqlo clothing campaigns.

The campaigns usually keep it very simple and let the models and the clothes do all of the talking. Having the models stand in front of a white or off-white background, they are usually posed in casual positions while the variety of colorful Uniqlo clothes become the focal point of the ads. The company has also come out with some very unconventional marketing ideas as can be seen in the quirky tilt-shift calendars, which displays fast paced snippets of different areas and events occurring around Japan.

Together, the results of the Uniqlo clothing campaigns have been the creation of a successful, well liked brand that has captured a large following.

From Tilt-Shift Calendars to Topless Jeanvertising: