The Uniqlo Magic Mirror Virtually Changes the Colors of Clothes

 - Oct 22, 2012
References: & damngeeky
An extra special feature of the brand's new San Francisco store, the Uniqlo Magic Mirror makes shopping all the easier by eliminating the need to try on multiple colors and patterns of the same garments. Made by Dai Nippon Printing, this virtual dressing room lets you changes the color or pattern on your clothing by simply using the touchscreen that is built into the mirror.

The Uniqlo Magic Mirror uses Kinect's color-changing engine and a half-mirror touch panel to make its magic. The idea is simple, but very useful. This technology will save people time, as long as they don't end up spending extra time just playing with it, and facilitate a more thorough shopping experience. Not only that, many will be enticed to go into the store just to see it in action.