The Uniqlo Innovation Project is a Futuristically Minimalist Campaign

 - Sep 17, 2011
References: uniqlo & adverblog
Uniqlo’s clothing line is recognized by its minimalist and extraordinary simple concepts that redefines that every aspect of futurist apparel. For its Fall/Winter collection, the Japanese Brand created a new website called Uniqlo Innovation project, which robotically presents its products.

Described by Uniqlo as "Functuionally + Universality: It’s how the future dresses," the project consists of a male model mechanically walking across the screen, as if he were in a catwalk. As he strolls, a series of icons and symbols start to pop-up to illustrate the functionality and uniqueness each piece of clothes.

The main icons are water resistant, wind proof, durable water repellency and breathable. For example, for its water-resistant collection, the model is exposed to rainy conditions while wearing a grey jacket. The rain falls, it is repelled by the rain and the rain icon appears to instruct the consumer about the line’s great qualities.

The whole design, both of the Uniqlo Innovation Project and clothing line itself, is effective and interactive, as the consumer can get a clean and innovative presentation of the collection.