From Inflatable Churches to Angular Arboreal Sanctuaries

 - Sep 25, 2012
Religion enters the new era of piety with these unconventional worship constructions.

The idea of modernized religious chapels, mosques, churches and synagogues has been prominent in architecture and art alike. It is unexpected that these conventionally conservative institutions retain merit of forward-thinking design. However, a variety of ultramodern constructions have sprung up that point at the new age of worship. From Twisted Worship Centers to Angular Arboreal Sanctuaries, religious institution incorporate modern ideals with theism.

For instance, the curving concrete cathedral named 'Church of Seed' showcases a minimalist utilitarian aesthetic that is unlike that of conventional cathedrals. The concrete construction also boasts a message of free worship combined with forward-thinking design. With these sanctuaries, worship transcends into modern day and makes for truly divine religious experiences.