The Ecumenical Chapel by AOA Architects Branches Out to All

 - Mar 4, 2011
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The presence or absence of spirituality should not affect the way one perceives the ethereal beauty of the Ecumenical Chapel by AOA Architects. The sanctuary's structure is sculpted into a series of triangular prisms, hollowed out to to an otherwise windowless cave, but endowed with a brilliant arboreal window.

Taking inspiration from religion's origins in nature, this V-shaped church mimics primitive building methods and the use of untamed trees in architecture. The temple's intricate trunk and bough fenestration also reinvents the classic stain-glassed windows found in cathedrals from the Middle Ages onwards.

As a whole package, the Ecumenical Chapel by AOA Architects has its roots in bringing together people of all sects of Christianity, making this immaculate project an all-embracing entity.