This Structure by Cheng Gong & Jinming Feng is Influenced by Dance

 - Oct 14, 2011
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Designers Cheng Gong and Jinming Feng have created an incredible interior based on the movements of dance -- in particular, flamenco. This project received an honorable mention at the International School Museum of Flamenco Competition.

Flamenco's strong rhythm generated by the combination of music and dance has been reconstructed in these columns, which were also inspired by the columns and arches of Spanish churches, says Evolo. The structure features a dynamic roof -- a "rhythmic sound wave cover" -- as well as a transformation of shading and light so that the columns and the roof are contrasted against one another. According to Evolo, this interesting design by Cheng Gong and Jinming Feng has the movement of dance happening "in the columns, the roof, and the building itself."