The 'Deconstructing the Churches' Series is Kaleidoscopic

 - May 14, 2012
References: trendhunter
Michael Jantzen's 'Deconstructing the Churches' photo series breaks down several holy facilities in a way that questions the permanence of structural integrity.

The artist rotated various points of each building to create the illusion of fragmented, crumbling buildings that still stand upright and appear to be balanced despite their haphazard and chaotic construction.

Each snapshot somewhat resembles the cubism style of design reminiscent of the late Pablo Picasso, with their interlocking details which have been disassembled from their original state and then re-arranged to create a new form.

The collection questions the stability of objects and reminds viewers that everything can change and be reworked into something new. Despite having a long-standing history as one object, nothing lasts forever and there always exists room to change and improve.