The All Saints Chapel Takes the Pure and Symbolic Form of the Cross

 - Aug 7, 2012
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I don't believe that it would be an overstatement to describe the All Saints Chapel as divine. The remarkable contemporary building formally embodies the most recognizable symbol of the Christian religion, and does so in an aesthetically irresistible way.

The four-pointed cross makes up the minimalist front and back facades of the church, clad in a sophisticated gray stone that extrudes along the length of the structure. When observed head-on, the sanctuary seems impossibly slender; however, there is a material and spatial illusion at play.

As a nearly invisible extension below the horizontal lintel, a single enclosed room is formed with a perimeter of transparent fenestration. Continuous tiling from outside to inside Gustavo Penna's All Saints Chapel makes the space look permeable and leaves expansive outward views of the Brazilian landscape.