From Blood-Sucking Maternity Tees to Bloodsucker Movie Mockeries

 - Oct 22, 2011
Some may hate 'em and some may simply love 'em, either way these terrific Twilight tributes keep on coming. With the latest Twilight saga 'Breaking Dawn' out to release next month, I have compiled here some of the most interesting Twilight creations.

Even if you are not a Twi-hard fan, you can still sit with a box of tissues while watching hilarious Twilight parodies that are hard not to laugh at. For the Edward Cullen lovers, there is the Twilight Christmas ornaments, vampire love editorials and even the tween idol credit cards. The Cullen fans certainly have plenty to choose from.

These numerous examples are bound to triple, as the third series will soon make fans cry for more terrific Twilight tributes. If you want a piece of Edward, Bella or Jacob, worry not, as these tributes are bound to keep you satisfied.