- Sep 27, 2012
This compilation of surrealist editorials showcases novel-inspired imagery that adheres to the avant-garde movement.

Fashion often pays tribute to the art, and it is clear that with these spreads, editors are drawing inspiration from the prominent artistic movement of the early 20th century. Surrealism and fashion have always been closely related as avant-garde aestheticism can be interpreted by various mediums. One retro example of this is seen in the Luis Buñuel classic film Belle De Jour that boasts costumes by Yves Saint Laurent.

However, the most obvious form of surreal inspiration comes form iconic pieces by masters such as Salvador Dali and André Breton. Their work has inspired editors and designers to incorporate a facet of unexpected juxtaposition and dream-like motifs in new modernized ways. The aesthetic continues to evolve and holds a long lasting appeal as is seen in these surrealist editorials.

From Salvador Dali Fashion to Masked Dystopic Dames: