The Trimapee 2012 Comatose Campaign is Moody

The Trimapee 2012 Comatose campaign is strange and avant-garde. The haunting photo series, lensed by photographer Mariah Jelena, stars model Cody Bayliss in the role of an androgynous wanderer.

The shoot's styling by Trimapee designers Mario-Luca Carlucci and Peter Strateas aims to capture a comatose mood and feeling. The designers do this by focusing on fabric, its purpose and its effect on those wearing it. The edgy collection features a variety of textiles including cashmere, silk and virgin wool. Cody wears sharp and sleek tailored looks along with voluminous and draped silhouettes.

The dark wooded pictorial is edgy, modern and androgynous juxtaposing feminine-inspired pieces with timeless tailoring. Monochromatic looks are fused with brightly hued accent pieces that are eye-catching and make a statement. This melancholy shoot is dark, somber, mysterious and fashion-forward.