The Madame of the Cloud by Que Duong Boasts a Haute Haze

 - Aug 22, 2012
With its dim brume, the Madame of the Cloud by Que Duong is poetic.

Emotive imagery translates into the blue-hued overlay of this fashion story. With delightful haze of gloomy weather, the combination of a foggy setting with stunning garments entices with a substantially different approach to fall attire. Captured by photographer Que Duon, the spread is a vivacious show of muted indigo with splashes of burning scarlet that adhere to a fantastical conceptualized autumn climate.

Model Evgeniya Maslovskaya sports a variety of wrap dresses, maxi skirts, fur trimmed overcoats and pencil skits that are on par with the seasonal runway offerings. When paired with the gravity-defying top knot by Lynn Tucker, the styles are given an edge of eclecticism. Styled by Veronica Cheri, the editorial is a show of functional fashion with a dramatically overcast enchantment.