From Triangular Phones to Wacky Cellular Add-Ons

 - May 29, 2013
Cell phones, like jewelry, are becoming statement pieces, and this list compiles many of the statement phones we have seen so far, as well as some incredible add-ons that could spice up your phone.

If you already have a phone that isn't anything special, you can turn it into a statement piece with add-ons. The Foto.Sosho Will.I.Am smartphone case will make your phone look like an actual camera. If that’s not exuberant enough, there’s always the giant lobster case.

Thinking into the future, what about a cellphone that changes shape? Designers at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology made a phone that breaks up into triangular units. Each triangle activates different roles of the phone.

Conceptual phone designs hint that the phone industry will continue to develop into delivering both functionality and individuality with different shapes and designs.