The Cutting-Edge Philips Curve Phone Breaks Free From Technological Rigidity

 - Jan 18, 2013
The Philips Curve Phone joins many other curvaceous smartphone concepts that attempt to evolve beyond the stiffness of contemporary handsets. Designers like Antonio Celestino are correct in predicting consumers' shifting preferences away from minimalism and towards free-form design. This device is a particularly good demonstration of what is fit to fascinate.

Unlike some of the other conceptual arc-shaped mobile phones that you might have seen, this one has its touchscreen on the back. This is logical since the bend in the object is convex when you're viewing the hi-tech display. It's meant to face your palm while you engage in a telephone conversation.

Celestino describes a variety of the Philips Curve Phone smart features but it's the wonderfully warped aesthetics with the exciting choice of colored backings that give the product great first impressions.