The Kyocera DIGNO R is Feature-Rich and is Ultra Resilient

 - May 15, 2013
References: global.kyocera & damngeeky
Water and technology do not mix, but the Kyocera DIGNO R looks to combat against this notion by being the lightest waterproof cellular phone on the planet. While the device is currently only available in Japan, there are hopes that the Kyocera DIGNO R will become available around the world within a timely manner.

The Kyocera DIGNO R is set to run the latest Android software -- version 4.2 -- and boasts an HD LCD touchscreen that's 4.3 inches in size. A waterproof 1800mAh battery and ultrafast 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU make the device as fully featured as it is resilient.

Amping up for a July release, the Kyocera DIGNO R will be available in four colors including green, pink, black and white, which makes it look as good as it works.