This iPhone 6 Concept Transforms the Apple Device into a See-Thru Wonder

 - May 1, 2013
References: youtube & enpundit
Apple users are consistently waiting and wishing for a new iDevice to be released and this iPhone 6 concept promotion video created by YouTube user SchoolPost2009 is amongst the best. The concept smartphone removes all solid coloring on the phone in favor of see-thru glass that adapts depending on the level of level of use.

The iPhone 6 concept pushes boundaries by offering sophisticated fingerprint identification to ensure only the appropriate user is allowed access. When the small screen isn't large enough for the image desired to be viewed, the iPhone 6 concept simply transforms into a hologram-like projector.

Although only a concept, this iPhone 6 rendering does touch on some capabilities we might see in the next generation smartphone from Apple including fingerprint scanning and 3D image rendering, but only time will truly tell.