Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers Make Holding onto an iPhone Easy

 - May 23, 2013
References: thefancy
Smartphones are becoming slimmer, smaller and -- unfortunately -- harder to hold with every passing year. Adding a case can take away from the chicly designed device, which is where Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers can help to make holding on to a smartphone a little easier.

Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers look like small droplets of water and stick onto the back, side or front of a smartphone -- wherever a grip is needed. Made of durable epoxy resin, Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers are designed to be easily gripped by hands of any size or shape as well as in any multitude of conditions. Humid or dry weather is no match for Drip Grip Anti-Slip Stickers, which are specifically designed to work regardless and make holding onto a slim smartphone easy.