'Lean to My Side' Phone Takes an Asymmetrical Form for Easier Handling

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
The newest slim and sleek smartphones look absolutely fantastic, but the flat design of most of them isn't exactly conducive to getting a good grip. The 'Lean to My Side' cellphone combines the most aesthetically seductive aspects of the latest handsets and combines them with a more sculptural shape that's evidently more ergonomic.

Seung Hyun Lee's product is a folding mobile phone with a pair of warped tabs, a hinge down the center and a flexible touchscreen surface. The crease is only visible from one side of the phone, affording the user an interruption-free display for playing movies. The configuration of the 'Lean to My Side' smartphone allows it to turn into a video gaming controller, or simply to be doubled over for texting, calling and using the camera feature.