From GPS Snowboard Goggles to HD Video Viewing Goggles

 - Nov 16, 2012
Whether it be snowboard goggles, virtual reality games or over the top runway goggles, goggle eyewear is an area we find a lot of new ideas.

The most immediately apparent use for goggles is for use in winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. For this application, snowboard goggles have made tremendous strides including the addition of GPS location services, smartphone integration and height and speed calculation. No longer are goggles an afterthought accessory while on the slopes.

Aside from sporting activities, goggles have also become a key component to video-based innovations like virtual reality gaming and HD video viewing. Whether you're playing games that seem too real to be fake or your laying back in a dentist chair forgetting the cleaning your about to get, goggles are the vehicle that takes you to a new place.

With technology getting smaller everyday, we'll likely see innovations in goggles continue to expand in the future.