Subtitle Glasses Help Out the Hearing-Impaired

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: bbc & geekosystem
Perhaps one of the most intriguing tech inventions that may change lifestyles as a whole are the Subtitle Glasses.

Unfortunately for the deaf, movies with subtitles are extremely rare in the movie theater. Unless some effort is put into looking for a theater that provides such assistance, chances are good that waiting for a DVD release is a better option. Thankfully, the Subtitle Glasses hope to change this so that the deaf or those with hearing impairment can enjoy the movie-going experience. These shades project subtitles in a way that it makes it look as if it's appearing on the screen itself. The big hope for this is that the subtitles show up in real time so that the hearing impaired can follow along with the rest of the crowd. Hopefully these will make it out in public soon.