My Pace Goggles Let You Keep Track of Your Lap Times Underwater

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: yankodesign
My Pace Goggles are an ingenious piece of swimming equipment designed to help swimmers train more efficiently. The goggles were created by John Minhoo and are designed to let swimmers track their own time while underwater.

My Pace Goggles have a built-in timer that projects the elapsed time on the corners of the goggles. The time can be quickly glanced at without obstructing the view of the swimmer. The timer is powered by a small battery that can be recharged via solar panels.

It isn't often that you see a new piece of tech designed to aid swimmers. My Pace Goggles would be great for swimmers who don't have coaches to record their lap times or for swimmers who want to train alone. You can see conceptual images of Minhoo's My Pace Goggles here.