Intelligent Goggles Help the Visually Impaired Navigate

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: & gizmag
While toting around a cane or being led around by a guide dog can be helpful for someone who has lost their sight, Intelligent Goggles allow the visually impaired to get around on their own.

The eye-wear is equipped with several cameras that interact with a tiny, attached computer that helps to scan the scene up ahead and detail the information into the inner lens of the headset. Color-coded outlines alert the wearer to objects in their path as well as giving information about the distance and the shape of those objects so they are easier to navigate around.

Rather than needing to rely on touch or sound to direct oneself around, these goggles make use of the remaining vision that the wearer still has -- as many individuals who are legally blind still retain some degree of sight.