Glam it up with These Sparkly Fashion Finds

 - Feb 12, 2013
This collection of sassy sequin styles is certainly for everyone. Whether you are looking for just that hint of sparkle with an embellished purse, or going for a more high-impact piece like an all-over sequined jacket, the spring 2013 fashion season features the high-shine sequin in full effect.

From pants to hairbands, sequins aren’t just for a Saturday night out in Vegas anymore. Stand out in the daytime or glitter up your night life with this decorative fashion accessory. The textured fabric lends itself perfectly to any piece in your closet, as each small shiny plastic disc catches and reflects the light. The sparkly result is not only eye-catching, but glamorous.

Not only will you find sequins on a variety of fashion finds, but they also range in color and size. Sequins can be found in the expected gold and silver hues, but this year you'll find sequins in bright greens and reds for the holiday season, as well as in light pinks and purples. Incorporating sequins into your wardrobe has never been easier.

Whether you’re drawn to an over-the top designer gown or a blinged-out set of shorts, you are sure to find something sparkly for everyone.