The 'a pair & a spare' DIY Sequin Blazer Will Dress Up Any Outfit

The 'a pair and a spare' DIY Sequin Blazer is the newest challenge for DIYers, should they choose to accept it.

For many outfits, the addition of a black blazer instantly adds a more glamorous feel, and makes a casual outfit chic in a matter of seconds. This DIY item not only adds glamour, but as an added bonus, it offers some serious glistening potential. For those looking to achieve a chic and glamorous look without draining their precious funds, this do-it-yourself project is the solution. From the front, this blazer seems to be quite ordinary, but with a quick spin, onlookers can appreciate the sequin-embellished back it bears.

Using bronze and copper sequins, the 'a pair and a spare' DIY Sequin Blazer is a stunningly subtle way to achieve desired stylishness.