This Geometric Cardigan by Burberry Looks Stunning Paired with Jeans

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: us.burberry
In the wake of New Year’s Eve, ladies will be looking for sparkle-filled outfits to wear, and this geometric cardigan by Burberry is a clear winner. Constructed from soft Merino wool and carefully decorated with dazzling gold sequins makes this sweater simultaneously cozy and chic.

Despite the fact that sequins can bring to mind images of gaudy garments, nothing of the sort appears on this brilliant geometric cardigan by Burberry. It can even be paired with denim bottoms or black tights and a pair of killer boots for added comfort.

For those who shy away from the spotlight, this outfit may not be the right choice as it demands attention. As the ball drops of New Year’s Eve, people will stare in wonder at the firework displays and at the brave soul wearing this absolutely stunning star-powered sweater.