From Upcycled Food Clip Gowns to DIY Ribbon Strapped Dresses

 - Dec 22, 2013
With the holiday season in full swing, there's most likely an endless number of family gatherings and parties to attend, which is why these DIY party dress ideas are offering up some creative ways to stand out without having to spend a fortune.

Having to purchase new apparel pieces for every social gathering or event can be quite costly, which is why opting to create, customize or adjust a piece of clothing yourself is a fun alternative to buying them from the store. Offering some handy techniques and tutorials on how to make dresses or attach accents to gowns, these DIY party dress ideas will definitely provide some stylish outfit choices for any holiday gathering.

From sequin-encrusted maxi skirts to chic cut-out gowns, these DIY party dress ideas will help make getting ready for an event much easier.