The Ira Zvidrina Men's Shirt Dress Recycles Abandoned Apparel

If you've ever had to deal with finding that abandoned or forgotten oversized shirt from an ex-boyfriend weeks after the breakup, you'll absolutely love these completely creative and chic men's shirt dress designs by Ira Zvidrina.

The DIY pro shows in a quick YouTube video how to create three incredibly unique and stunning looks using one men's large button-up. Starting with an adorable cocktail dress, Ira shows how versatile a single article of clothing can be when you put some creative thought into it. Moving on to a sleek and sophisticated skirt and ending with a hip and hot halter top, the fashionista proves that fashion never has to be boring.

Ira Zvidrina's men's shirt dress is the perfect way to get over someone, and have others soon falling head over heels for you. Let your creative juices flow and create your own chic recycled designs!