This Gingham Tablecloth Dress by 'Melindamilkshake' is Seasonally Stylish

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: etsy
For those of you fashionistas out there who relish in dressing festively or complementary to today's season, this gingham tablecloth dress is perfect for you! Designed and provided by 'Melindamilkshake' on Etsy, this adorable dress will provide you with an alluring picnic-inspired outfit. The cut of this gingham tablecloth dress is a halter top with a big, flowing bottom skirt. The gingham tablecloth dress is handmade, using cotton from the 1950s.

This fun and flirty piece is perfect for all summer celebrations, parties or backyard barbeques. Infused with authentic vintage design and aesthetics, this dress is seasonally stylish!

Implications - Consumers are much more likely to be drawn to products with which they are able to forge a personal relation or nostalgic connection. Vintage-inspired products are an effective means of generating such sentiments, and companies that embrace such qualities will benefit tremendously.