Say Goodbye to Black Minis with This 'a pair and spare' Bodycon Skirt

 - Jan 12, 2013
References: apair-andaspare.blogspot
The vibrant colors and craftsmanship that are common to authentic Mexican blankets have found their way into the 'a pair and a spare' bodycon. It's only right that it should, as this miniskirt is constructed from a Mexican blanket. Table runners can also be used. If you are going to use a table runner, don't forget to trim the tassels off before you begin sewing.

Bursting with an array of colors, this 'a pair and a spare' bodycon skirt will stand out from the standard out-on-the-town apparel. It is also an item that can be both dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. From weddings, movie dates or casual lunches, this mini has got your fashion needs covered. Infusing your closet with lively, spirited and not to mention stylish culture, the 'a pair and a spare' tutorials never cease to amaze.