From Cultural Fit Algorithms to Agency Recruitment Geofilters

 - May 12, 2016
There are a number of recruitment strategies that can be put in place in order to ensure that a company finds the right candidate for a job. These examples include some unusual tactics, but they are ones that will resonate with young professionals who are seeking employment on the job market.

In order to assess if early applicants will be a cultural fit for the company, there are apps like and platforms Saberr to help employers make informed decisions. While formal interviews can cause prospective employees to be tense and sometimes, not their best selves, they will likely feel much more at easy answering questions that begin with "Would you rather...?"

One of the best examples of a hyper-targeted recruitment strategy comes from the 180LA advertising agency, which set up Snapchat geofilters at competing agencies in another city as a way to poach candidates who are highly connected to the newest social media platforms.