This Tool Changes a Candidate's Voice to Eliminate Bias

 - May 4, 2016
References: & fastcompany
'' is a bias-eliminating interviewing platform that aims to change the way companies hire new employees. Although they may not know it, recruiters and managers can easily display unconscious bias when interviewing a candidate for a job. This platform aims to eliminate unconscious bias by making the process as anonymous as possible. began as a platform for hiring tech professionals by hiding identifying information. Instead of real names, both the interviewer and the interviewee are given animal names. The two can then chat through the interactive text feature or they can use the voice option. If the interviewee chooses to speak directly to the interviewer, their voice will be masked to sound like the opposite gender or to sound gender-neutral. The idea is to add another level of anonymity to the interviewing process in order to eliminate unconscious bias.

The bias-eliminating interviewing platform may be particularly useful for women, whose vocal tones can unintentionally lead a recruiter to believe they are less qualified.