GapJumpers Hopes to Solve the Diversity Problem in Tech

 - Feb 24, 2015
References: & fastcompany
'The Voice,' a hit reality TV show, embraces blind auditions in an attempt to discredit discrimination in the music industry. GapJumpers is a startup that hopes to do the same in the tech industry. But in place of blind auditions, it introduces blind interviews that hope to bring more diversity to the tech industry.

Kedar Iyer, cofounder and CEO of GapJumpers, notes, "The Voice is a very good analogy to clearly explain the impact of blind auditions for actual hiring. If one industry, especially a shallow one like the music industry, can do [blind auditions], why can't tech companies, which are so much more scientific, do them?" Through a special software program, companies can offer an open-ended challenge to job candidates before they can progress to a phone or in-person interview, avoiding the need for traditional identifiers that can result in discrimination.