- Aug 15, 2013
Letting loose and just having fun in the kitchen can make the cooking experience a lot more enjoyable, and these playful kitchen utensils are here to make the process more fun and easy-going.

While outfitting your cooking space with practical and handy utensils and appliances is important, opting to have items that are full of color and quirky references will help to make the cooking experience more laid-back and fun. Why use an ordinary spatula or tong when you can choose one that humorously plays music or sways back and forth? By infusing vibrant colors and wacky designs, these playful kitchen utensils will serve to brighten up any ordinary cooking area and turn it into a more uplifting space.

From standing swinging utensils to Star Wars-inspired spatulas, these playful kitchenware items will definitely have you feeling more upbeat about preparing your next meal.

From Kitchen Utensil Dolls to Connectable LEGO Cutlery: