Level Measuring Spoons Have Gliding Tabs to Facilitate Ingredient Transport

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: quirky
There are at least two reasons why the Level Measuring Spoons are better than most culinary implements of their kind: one relates to the accuracy of quantifying ingredients and the other reduces the potential for mess.

The Quirky-made product boasts the ability to "fill without the spill," by allowing you to scoop up things like oils, spices and baking powders; with a simple push of your thumb, you can cover the cavity with the end of a polypropylene stick that runs along the handle of each stainless steel utensil. This feature enables you to ensure that each serving makes it into the mixing bowl without dripping or falling out due to unsteady hands. This capping by the Level Measuring Spoons also ensures that you haven't exceeded the proper portion, by smoothing off the excess.