The Dreamfarm Supoon Performs Three Tasks for a Streamlined Kitchen

 - Feb 24, 2013
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How many drawers and jars do you have full of cooking utensils around the kitchen? Most culinary tools excel at a single task, but the Dreamfarm Supoon has been designed to perform as three, consequently enabling you to reduce the cutlery used to prepare a meal and to minimize the items scattered on and under your countertops.

The silicone head of the device has been shaped with a smooth indentation on one side that makes it a great serving and stirring spoon. Flip it over and its wedged form is sufficiently stiff and narrows to lend itself as an effective pot and frying pan scraper. Finally, the crooked handle of the Dreamfarm Supoon keeps the food-covered end of it elevated. This keeps your surfaces clean without dirtying a plate or a spatula dish.