Vat19 Spoon Tongs Merge the Scoop and the Snatch at Last

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: vat19 & ohgizmo
Everybody's got a kitchen drawer full of cooking, serving and eating utensils, so a product like the Vat19 Spoon Tongs is sure to make you thankful of its multi-talented temperament.

Capable of performing a range of food preparation and distribution duties, this two-prong scooper is fit to dish out any meal. A simple press of the orange button on its hinge secures the implement in the form of a spoon, while a simple second depression opens the device up into a toothy pair of tongs.

In terms of its use, the Vat19 Spoon Tongs are simple and rather useful, so you'll be happy to note that the silicone and plastic culinary contraption is dishwasher safe, and resistant to heat damage below 400F.