Her Legs Chopsticks Puts Stylish Stockings onto Tableware

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: strapya-world & ufunk.net
Culinary experiences are meant to be fun, and you can’t get much more enjoyment while eating than while using these Her Legs Chopsticks. The quirky utensils spice up traditional bland chopsticks by making them look like female legs. From the shape of the sticks to the addition of stockings on the ends of the tableware, Her Legs Chopsticks are sure to bring smiles to users' faces through its sheer oddity.

Her Legs Chopsticks also come in unique plastic packages that replicate skirts. And with a racy tagline that reads, "Hey you, I want you to take off my socks and put my legs into your mouth... but do it gently, OK?" Her Legs Chopsticks are no doubt geared towards adult users.