The Ping Pong Kitchen Assistant Lets You Leave the Room While Cooking

 - Feb 12, 2012
Unless your only job and interest is to cook, the Ping Pong Kitchen Assistant would prove invaluable during food preparation. The concept proposes an effective way for you to keep track of the status of your stovetop meal while you multitask around the house. Arthur Kenzo, Francois de Martrin-Donos and Francois Hurtaud collaborated on this project for the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab, earning them a place amongst the semifinalists for their innovative idea.

Looking like a futuristic version of a mortar and pestle, the Ping Pong Kitchen Assistant comprises a bowl-shaped portable charging dock and round-ended sensing and transmitting utensils. The Ping is manufactured with a slot so that it can grip the side of a saucepan, using heat to power itself and collecting information about the dish's temperature. It sends its analysis to the Pong in the dock, which uses colored illumination and sounds to alert you to your burning supper.