- Apr 10, 2012
With so many options in home furnishings, product designers are doing everything they can to make their wares stand out, and these peculiar pillow innovations are exemplary of that fact. From cushions that look like condom wrappers to Angry Birds-themed headrests, it seems as though every variation of the pillow you can possibly think of is in existence.

One of the more recent pillow innovations come courtesy of Sweet Meats, which is a company that produces cushions shaped like deli meats. They’re even delivered to their buyers wrapped in grey paper and string that butchers package their meats in.

And for those who like to show off their geeky side, Millennium Falcon-shaped pillows and social media icon cushions are simply a must-have.

From Cumfy Contraceptive Cushions to Pork Chop-Shaped Headrests: