These Condom Pillows Help You Practice Safe Snoozing

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: etsy
Arthur Oak, the man behind the Etsy store ‘LittleElk,' has made a name for himself by crafting a series of knee-slapping Condom Pillows. The plush contraceptives are made up to look like Lifestyle condoms in their wrappers. Available in a wide variety of "flavors" from mint to banana, there is a complementary Condom Pillow to suit any and every decor.

Some of Oak’s Condom Pillows also come with a large fabric condom sealed inside the pillow. With this complete sleeper set you can curl up in this jimmy hat sleeping bag and catch some serious z’s. Hysterically unexpected, these sexual throw pillows will make your guests do a double take. Sure to inspire belly laughs and blushes, these Condom Pillows make for a great conversation piece. The perfect home accent for the host with a funny bone, these cozy prophylactics are a scream.

Make sure you practice safe lounging with Arthur Oak’s hilarious Condom Pillows.