From Three-Martini Playdates to VOIP Babysitting

 - Jul 31, 2009   Updated: Apr 21 2011
Parenting is a tricky proposition. Although I'm no parent, from the outside it seems as if parents are constantly getting criticized for the choices they make.

The parenting features in this slideshow don't help, however. From three-martini playdates to VOIP babysitting, I can't help but wonder if these kids will grow up okay.

Implications - The age of the 'MILF' jumpstarted this trend, and now terms such as 'yummy mummy' and 'sugar daddy' have become an integral part of pop culture. The idea that parents no longer have to devote their lives to their children has become widely accepted. The age of 'Mother' and 'Father' is over, as parents no longer make their kids a main priority.