Cosmo Moms Are Reclaiming The Adult World, One Brat At A Time

 - Mar 10, 2007
References: amazon & nytimes
The book, "The Three-Martini Playdate - A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting" by Christie Mellor, is one example of the changing attitude among today's parents. In a world gone mad, where little kids haul off and whack their mothers and receive little more than a gentle chiding, some adults are coming to their senses and realizing that we are raising a generation of little brats... kids that are growing up to be spoiled, self-centred and selfish adults.

Parents are starting to understand that they still have the right to live their own lives, and to even enjoy some adult time (heaven forbid!)... WITHOUT having to feel guilty or having to jump up and check on the kids every two minutes.

In fact, maybe our own parents knew a thing or two when they sent us outside to play with nothing more than a ball and a skipping rope and somehow we survived.