From Candy-Coated Bar Drinks to $10,000 Engagement Martinis

 - Jan 17, 2012
Whether or not you're a fan of martinis, this gallery of amazing martini innovations is sure to blow your mind. These days, people are getting so creative with their drinks that a simple olive or two in your cocktail simply won't cut it.

Happy hour may just never be the same after you browse this gallery of martini innovations, which includes everything from bubblegum flavored vodka to $10,000 martinis, complete with an engagement ring in the glass, to a grilled cheese flavored cocktail served with, of course, a grilled cheese sandwich on the side. If that doesn't sound like the perfect way to end a long day at work, I don't know what does.

Check out this gallery of martini innovations for some inspiration on how to spice up your cocktails.