Radar Lets Parents Keep Tabs on Their Teens

 - Feb 6, 2009
References: mymobilewatchdog & drphil
The Internet used to be a dangerous place for our children, and it still can be if kids aren’t properly monitored. These days, however, the cell phone is quickly becoming the means by which predators target our kids.

Thanks to a new software called Radar, which was featured on the Dr. Phil show this week, parents can monitor the activity on their child's cell phone in real time. Radar, which costs around ten bucks a month, works by pre-programming allowed numbers into your child’s phone. Anytime a text or call comes from an unapproved number, the message or call is allowed through on your child’s phone, but the information is immediately sent to the parent’s phone as well.

Radar is not spyware. Spyware is hidden software that monitors without the knowledge of the person being monitored. Radar displays its logo on the phone, so the person being monitored is always aware.

Some people claim that Radar is an invasion of privacy and destroys trust between parent and child, but for the most part, as long as there are established guidelines between the parent and their child, most of us agree that this type of real-time monitoring is crucial for the safety of our children in a world where so many dangers exist.